Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Digital Painting: Green Lady

Still trying to improve. Still not satisfied. original image


  1. Very nice! Your definitely getting better. The hand is by far the best part, although the spacing in between the ring finger and pinky finger looks like it's cutting into the hand. Haha does that make sense? I feel like I never make sense <3 It makes it look like her ring finer is long and broken or something.I like the graphic quality of the hair and its shape and texture. The face is prolly my second fav part (I LOVE THE HAND) The cloth is perfect. It adds to the piece without adding taking over. The texture in the background calls too much attention to its self. Like it sticks out too much. Its too real looking compared to the tech of your painting. I like the texture, its just too real looking. I suggest just painting it. Your good enough =] Either that or use filters to make it match the rest of the piece. You know that artist that we know who likes to put their stylized work on photos... and you now how that looks hahah Also, her body underneath her boobs looks too flat. Like we should see some ribs on the side or the bottom of her rib cage on the front. u know, the indent of it? I hope this helps.

  2. I would agree, my favorite part is the hand. i also like the lips haha.

    -I see what you mean about the third finger. I think if I fixed it, I would just fix the shadow underneath it to make it look less bent and more straight. As for the pinky finger, I also see what you're saying there. I would just have to shorten or lighten that part of the shadow to make it look less long and awkward.

    -The texture was interesting, and I actually like it a lot, but I can't really put into words why. I used two textures, one that I use in a lot of my paintings, and one that I have never used. I think if I lightened it, it would be better. It was on a layer of its own set to multiply so that would be an easy fix. I wouldn't want to paint the texture, it would drive me nuts and make me mad haha that's something way too technical for a painting like this. I'm trying to master the use of textures haha, and I had that guy in mind when putting mine down :) it's just tricky

    -as for her ribs, I know what you're talking about, but definitely take a look at my reference and you'll see why I made her so flat. She's a very dainty girl and really was just flat in general. She's not leaning back far enough for her ribs to be defined.

    let me know your thoughts!