Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cafe Sketch 9-15-11

And here is my Anticipation Homework:


  1. Wow! Your drawings really have a lot of life to them. Really like your work.

  2. Bethany,
    Well done - some of these are wonderful. The line weight is great. My only comments would be;
    1. Watch the consistency of form from one drawing to the next (pushing figure) - this is crucial in developing keyframe animation.
    2. (axe swing) Consider more tortion (rotating) in the shoulders and/or hips when arriving at the maximum anticipation drawings, as well as the follow-through drawings. Well done !

  3. Those previous comments were for the homework exercise. Please post these separately in the future.
    Now, for the OSU Union drawings:
    Overall, this is a good direction - lots of different points of view, with an emphasis on the figure in motion. You have captured weight shifts very well - just try to be more sensitive as to where you are emphasizing the bolder lines. Beyond that, keep it up !