Friday, September 2, 2011

Sketches: Sketch Dump


  1. Woah girl, the lady in the overalls needs a spotlight. Great poses and expressions! You put the cherry on top with the kitty at the bottom. So cute!!

    I think you should scan pictures and post them in increments. That way, you'll still be actively posting, but you won't spend all your coins in one post. You said you hated scanning, so I think you should just scan as much as you can in one sit and post one or a few drawings over a long period of time. Then when you run out, scan again, and the process continues. SHABAM!!

  2. I believe we have a pair of classes together (Cafe sketch and Character Design)... anyway, these sketches are great and show a lot of talent. How long does this "sketch dump" cover? I think the previous poster is right, you should post these more frequently (and in smaller increments) so they get the attention they deserve. Either way I am jealous of your skills.

  3. yeah i plan on taking liz'e advice, it makes more sense then barfing out a bunch of sketches. this dump covers .. not a long period of time. a few of them i did a long time ago (a few months) and others i did over the span of a few weeks?

    thanks for your compliments, it means a lot. i plan on scanning more tonight for cafe sketch and sketches in general.