Friday, October 14, 2011

Cafe Sketch 10-14-11


  1. Bethany,
    Please post your work in a timely manner.
    That being said, these are well composed and solid, for the most part. The first pages are interesting, as you have avoided all line fills, whereas the second and third pages are chock full of line fills. What bothers me about them is that it detracts from the gesture and weight shift of the drawing and begins to make it look illustrative and rendered. Yes - it helps solidify a pose - but it can slow down a drawing. If you're going to ignore my advice, I can't really do anything about that but as a developing animator, I'm trying to help you develop an approach that applies to multiple drawings - not a comic strip but a cartoon.
    Consider this when developing your sketches for this class.
    That being said, your sense of scene and composition is great - continue to combine this with looking to a more dynamic pose when working.

  2. I friggin' love the girl bracing herself against the wind, great gesture/silhouette/character.