Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tutorial: Drawing Feet

For the Animation Student Collective student group I'm a part of at CCAD I did a foot tutorial. I compiled the notes I made up and I'm uploading it to my Blog, the ASC Blog, and my Tumblr. I hope this helps anyone who can't draw feet!

Draw these first

Draw these next ...

Then move on to this stuff!

Feet are so complicated, much more so than hands, and we don't even see feet that much unless it's the summer and people are wearing sandals. I could probably draw like 10 pages on feet so ... I hope I covered enough in this tutorial. Enjoy it!


  1. oh nice bethany. i really struggle with feet, i usually avoid them or sketch them into oblivion. this will really help. cheers!

    1. Hey no problem. I really want people to understand feet because they are so hard. I'm glad this will help you, I must be doing something right haha.

  2. I am an italian illustrator and this is my website:
    You artworks are very interesting.