Monday, September 10, 2012

September Challenge: Week 1

I really enjoyed doing the Shark Week challenge, so I've decided to keep the magic alive for myself. So, from now on, each month I will do a different challenge that I make up.

This month's challenge: Draw 1 animal every day. However, drawing animals is not too much of a challenge for me. To make this better, I decided that I'd have to draw 1 animal every day that I don't draw very much. Ever.

I know that today is the 9th, and I only have drawings up until the 6th. I have all of the drawings done, I just don't have time right now to edit them all and upload them haa. Obviously I had more time on some drawings than others (the beaver and the raven) so I'm going to try and keep things more consistent for the future, I think. Keeping up with this is hard, but that's why they call it a challenge (yeah, I'm corny). I'm going to upload all of my new drawings each week, so next Saturday you'll see all of the drawings I have so far for September. Until next time!

September 1st: Donkey

September 2nd: Sea Lion

September 3rd: Raven

September 4th: Skunk

September 5th: Turtle

September 6th: Beaver

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