Friday, January 3, 2014

Swan Song Short Film

Hey! So this is a still from the animated short "Swan Song", which I got to work on in early 2013! In the short I animated the cat and did some color work too. It is my friend Ashley Armstrong's senior thesis short film, and she hopes to enter it in some film festivals soon! The short now has a Facebook page and if you would feel so inclined you can show your support by liking the page! We would all be eternally grateful if you did! Thanks :)

Digital Painting: What I Wore 12.17.13

Coloring technique exploration

Sketches: Partners

I had a dream about these 2 and I had to draw them. I keep trying to come up with a story for them but every story is so cliche haha.

Digital Painting: Wolf

I really like this. Exploring coloring techniques.


So for a long time I've been unhappy with the way I color things. I'm ok with my sketchy stuff, and my really "finished" stuff. But to color something fast, and simple, kind of in between sketchy and finished, I just didn't really have a default way of doing things. So I started exploring and I tried to figure out what I liked and didn't like. Here's what I started with:

I like these pieces, but really I didn't enjoy doing things this way. Especially with the first 2 pieces. While I love the way they turned out, the line work and the flat colors was just too much work and too rigid and too boring. So I moved on.

I really liked doing these two images. I gravitated towards different brushes in Photoshop and played around with texture. I really like this direction and have been doing more work like this. But things have really been changing for me lately artistically and nothing is set in stone. For now I'm just enjoying the ride and seeing where these changes take me.

Wizarding Wednesday

Wizarding Wednesday is a Tumblr blog that tells people what the weekly Harry Potter related subject matter will be and people make their art accordingly. Then the WW blog reblogs your drawing! And it's just that easy. It's really fun, and I've been doing it. Because of the holidays I lost track of it, but I'm going to get back on the bandwagon next week. Here are what I've submitted to wizarding wednesday so far:

Digital Paintings: Background Work

Some background paintings I did for a secret thing.

Huge Instagram Sketch Dump

I have a bunch of sketches from Instagram that I want to post and rather than make an individual post for each sketch I'm just dumping them all here in one post. I actually have more sketches than this to post but that comes later. One giant dump at a time. These were done between the end of October and the end of November.